Back to the Future

Everything old is new again

Ah, the 80s.  So many smart, young innnovators in this space that we eponymously called Pick. Dozens of vendors and thousands of users filled convention centers. (The parties were epic.)

Like a Big Bang, this phenomenon flung software, people and money to the far reaches of the business galaxy. 

Does this analogy mean that now we are orbiting a dead star, winding ignomiously into a black hole? No, it does not. Every acquisition, consolidation, spin-off and repeat has the hand-wringers insisting that this time it is the end. MultiValue prevails against determined efforts to quash it and, at best, a benign neglect at the top. Not merely endures, as Faulkner would say, but prevails.

“We can’t hire young people.”
“Why not?”, I ask.
“Oh, well, we haven’t tried. We need experienced help.”

This is not unique to our industry. Experience and aging happen at the same time. Younger hires will need training. Despite this latest in the long line of reasons to worry, we have lots of reasons to rejoice.

  • College-level and tech school programs for MultiValue are springing up (contact Zumasys!)
  • If you do hire young folks and need to train them, we have incredible trainers in our marketplace.
    (Ask me for recommendations)
  • Successful companies are renewing their commitment to MultiValue like crazy. (You are seeing it.)
  • Software vendors may resort to Road-Runner-cartoon-like methods of crow-bars, anvils and dynamite to move their customers away from MultiValue, but continue to gain little momentum. (Trust me on this.)
  • The technology we use is easy to learn and super-cool. (You know this is true.)
  • Millenials in the industry love working in this environment. More than that, they love working. (Let’s let everyone involved see for themselves!)

There is such renewed enthusiasm right now. Grab your vitamins and let’s go BACK TO THE FUTURE.

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