Why PRC?

PRC is built in and for U2/Multivalue. PRC is a source level change control tool for Multivalue and U2 development supporting the complete software development life-cycle and providing the IT Controls required for regulatory compliance such as PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, Hipaa Hitec and others.

Customer Satisfaction

Your business and IT users will sit up and take notice with PRC. They’ll have the peace of mind that comes with empowerment, a responsive process and improved performance.Read more


Ramp up your productivity with easy-to-use tools, clear documentation and automatic delivery.Read more


See all of your changes, end to end. PRC provides clear source control so all change is authorized, audited and visible.Read more


No more jumping through hoops to control costs. PRC’s automatic functions help you save on expensive audits and tracking.Read more


PRC helps corral the activities of your developers, contractors and other teams, no matter where they are located.Read more


Good fences make good governance. PRC helps you put ITIL® best practices, international frameworks and policies in place.Read more