Are You Compliant

Industry Trends & Terminology

As if IT didn’t have enough lingo, slang and acronyms, welcome to IT Governance, where words are borrowed from other fields, as well.  To help you understand what they mean, what they mean to YOU and what they mean in terms of PRC, here is a glossary.

IT Governance

PRC helps ensure good IT Governance with a visible workflow that applies rules and security throughout the lifecycle and within the U2 / Multivalue environment. Read more

Regulations & Compliance

PRC provides the necessary IT controls for compliance with SOX, PCI, HIPAA and many more other regulations, making it easy to demonstrate to the auditors with a visible framework of automated controls.Read more

Best Practice

Best Practice, control, teamwork, visibility.Read more

Just Plain Control

Even if you don't have to comply with anyone else's ideas of best practice, you may have some of your own.Read more