Customer Satisfaction

Here’s a question for you. Users – your customers – are happiest when they: 1) don’t have to beg for attention to resolve IT issues; 2) aren’t chasing their tails to perform simple updates and changes; 3) are “off the leash” so they can exercise their creativity; 4) or, all of the above.

(That was easy.) PRC offers a comprehensive framework that allows you to increase productivity while providing all-important controls and transparency. You can empower users to manage their own requests and sign-offs including tracking the progress along the way.

With PRC, IT is agile so business can be agile so your customers are satisfied.


How does PRC help keep your customers satisfied?

  • By keeping them in the loop:
    • opening their own request and checking its progress
    • signing-off on their request before it goes into production
    • receiving email notification automatically throughout the life-cycle
  • By getting them fast answers:
    • request, project and source item history is searchable by requester, programmer, date range, by the name of a software component or by various other company-identified categories
  • By helping IT provide better software:
    • development will be faster (see Productivity)
    • testing can be managed, visible, verified and ultimately more standardized
    • sign-offs by peer reviewers, testers and department heads insure that everyone is happy