PRC is one of those programs that you definitely want to have well before you need it. It’s kept us out of trouble numerous times. And Susan must not sleep because the support we receive from her has been second to none.

Kevin King, President/Chief Technologist
Precision Systems


PRC has been one of those “disruptive” technologies to our development processes – in the good way! It brought more order and “process-driven logic” to our development cycle – tracking projects, testing and ultimately rollouts to external clients. Susan has been helpful in implementing changes that we needed due to our style of use of SB+ and UniData. She and PRC are part of the development “team”.

David Wolverton
President, Sunset Programming, Inc. & Sr. Developer for F.W. Davison and Company, Inc.


What a difference PRC has made for us and for our customers! Epicor uses PRC for in-house Avanté development and deployment plus PRC is embedded in Avanté when it goes to our customers. Because of PRC, customizations are easily integrated with each upgrade, on site. As a result we have a high number of customers on current releases even though many of them tend to be heavily customized. Some customers have let us know that PRC was the deciding factor in their initial decision to purchase Avanté – and others have gone out of their way to let us know how pleased they are with PRC and our upgrade strategy using PRC – especially when compared to other methods to which they are exposed.

Elizabeth Vanture Cain, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing
Epicor Software Corporation


Once you have PRC deployed, PRC will be your best friend.

Every ERP software package should have the functionality of PRC. You can easily set up realms that are made for development, test, and more testing, and live environments. PRC works seamlessly even when the development and live servers are separate. PRC has functionality to monitor all changes and note who made those changes. Code does not work? PRC can easily un-roll those changes. PRC provides an auditable change system for the program and the data. PRC works on a check out/check in principle for modified items. PRC can be set up to prevent two developers from modifying the same item until the other developer checks in that item. PRC provides workflow for Change Request, Change Approval, Change Development, Change Testing and Approval, and Rolling the Change to the Live environment.

What else could you want? I told you PRC is my best friend.

Steven Horwitz
Pelican Professional Services