Your IT department is often asked to jump through hoops to meet budget requirements. With growing regulation, new demands for compliance initiatives have you juggling resources to cover additional tracking and audits.

PRC can save your IT department time and money. Immediately. More than that, you can mitigate risk and stop wasting time and resources on manual controls. With automated functions for testing, sign-off and deployment, PRC can help your programmers work more quickly, safely and consistently. All events can be verified through audit logs and reporting, so you can maintain visibility and control without adding new processes or people to monitor activities.

PRC automates software development life cycle management. Automation saves time and time is money.

How does PRC help reduce costs?

  • AUTOMATED CONTROLS: During an audit, a manual control must be verified with a sample of twenty-five and must be demonstrated during each audit. Automated controls require an example of a pass and a fail and then need not be repeated until the control changes.
  • ROLLBACK: Peeling back a delivery from production can put an immediate end to what might otherwise be a costly disaster.
  • CONFLICT MANAGEMENT: Accidents are prevented from making their way to production.
  • NO EXTRA WORK: Practices are incorporated into existing methods – and actually can let programmers and testers work faster even while following compliance requirements.
  • SIGN-OFFS: Risk is mitigated by having more than one pair of eyes and signatures on an issue.
  • AUDITORS AND RESEARCH: Audit logs and reports make it easy to search and verify the history of any change.