These days, productivity is hardly a soft measure. PRC can help your developers and programmers ramp up to working smarter so they can deliver results more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

PRC has the added advantage of a U2 heritage: it’s written by and for programmers accustomed to the unique agility of a MultiValue environment. That means PRC understands the files you wish to control. It means that the history, backups and audit trails are in a familiar format. From remembering what you did last Tuesday to identifying when some aspect of a program changed last winter, PRC’s tools and utilities take the heavy lifting out of software management.

PRC provides a host of customizable tools and preference settings that enable your team to work in the way that suits them best. Like U2, it’s flexible, responsive and adaptive.


How does PRC make your IT team more productive?

  • There are no extra steps that rely on human memory – it is fast, easy and necessary to open a PRC project that tracks your work automatically.
  • Preference settings at multiple levels, including many that are user-specific, allow each developer to work in their most comfortable and efficient manner.
  • Tools enable viewing, searching and comparing and merging all sorts of source items.
  • Queries illuminate changes, particular strings (variable, file) or other history.
  • Empowers fast moving development and testing with step-to-step support using straightforward screens and automated notification.
  • Offers multiple conflict options based on individual user clearances and particular circumstances.