There’s a light at the end of the compliance tunnel. With a few simple, straightforward data-entry screens, PRC helps you build a documented framework of all necessary IT changes, so your work stays visible – and you stay agile and in control.

PRC kicks in automatically – there are no steps to forget and it is (optionally) impossible to bypass. Database and user accounts are identified, defined by purpose and given specific clearances for key controls. You determine who can modify the data or software, and who can deliver modifications to live. Traceable history and audit trails are clear and easy to access.

Additionally, metrics begin accumulating. So not only are your auditors satisfied, but you’re able to validate productivity and identify improvement opportunities. No more fumbling in the dark with unnecessary steps, manual controls and expensive audits to meet compliance requirements. PRC guides you back into the light.

PRC provides a simple and visible framework for governance which is verifiable and automatically enforced.


How does PRC help provide transparency?

  • Three main screens define the primary components:
    • The physical structure of the environment (Realms):
      • Where work is done, by whom and under what circumstances
    • The users:
      • Who can change software, test software and sign off (and where they can do it)
    • The life cycle:
      • What happens in what order – when can software change or move, who is notified when it does?
  • Audit trails and log files