It’s hard to be agile when you can’t see what’s around you. You end up tripping over all the moving parts. You need a framework that helps you make sense of the chaos. PRC offers clearly documented, automatically enforced support to existing procedures.

Go ahead and take advantage of multiple on- and offshore teams, programmers or independent contractors working from home, third-party software developers and support staff. Accommodate multiple programmers working in the same environment, and /or multiple software releases in separate environments. PRC’s management tools keep people from duplicating efforts or stepping on each other’s work. So you can stop wasting time with massive refreshes and lengthy code-freezes. Never wonder again if this copy of the program is the same as what is running on live. Deliver software to production with confidence, while knowing that, if you need to, you can set it back the way it was.

PRC clears the way for creativity and the free flow of ideas that comes from lots of brainpower focused on a problem – while allowing you to see one coordinated picture of the environment.


How does PRC help coordinate multiple developers and environments?

  • Supports multiple programmers on projects, multiple projects per programmer
  • Accommodates multiple development, test and production environments
  • Allows projects to be broken out into sub-projects or gathered together into versions
  • Alerts the programmers when they access an item that is checked out to someone else (in that same environment or even in other environments via a “central repository”)
  • Manages code streams that are branched individually within the same development environment with tools to help re-merge them
  • Manages code streams that are branched in separate development environments with tools to merge into a single environment later
  • Provides the history of any component, traced across environments – down to what project, date, programmer and the specific code lines that have changed
  • Understands all U2/MultiValue file and component types – programs, control items in hashed files, dictionary items