Your users cry, “Don’t fence me in!” PRC lets you design an IT governance structure that’s good for everyone.

Since most software and data security breaches – both accidental and intentional – will occur inside the infrastructure, it isn’t enough to lock the door to the outside. You need a comprehensive life cycle management tool built on a security framework that is strong and highly visible to help prevent as well as detect breaches from the inside.

You define access and clearances by users and roles – then relax. PRC is automatic, so you can instantly see who is modifying data, what changes are being made, and where they are going live.

PRC helps you define and then enforces IT security so that users have the access they need to do their jobs without risk to the enterprise.


How does PRC help ensure good IT Governance?

  • You define the events of the life cycle and their authorization via user clearances and sign-offs
  • Preventive and protective control
    • Enforces defined governance that can be demonstrated with clear error messages when an unauthorized attempt is made
    • Reports provide with simple lists including who can do what, where they can do it and under what circumstances
  • The defined rules govern the servers, accounts, files and tools