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Greetings & News

Happy New Year! We wish you all good things in the upcoming year.
Our new year starts with our new website, newsletter, blog and more featuring Percy the PRC Mascot.  He's an agility champion, just like you and PRC. And like you, Percy is having fun while clearing obstacles and leaping hurdles with grace and aplomb.
Both Percy and I are jumping through hoops to bring you more useful information about PRC, about IT Governance in general and about industry trends. Let's aim together for Best Practices in IT and software development life-cycle.
Naturally there is also a new client access section where you can find manuals and tip-sheets (now), white papers and datasheets (soon) as well as submit support requests. Contact us for new login information and passwords.

Social Outreach

PRC has a group on Linked in.  Many times customers will ask me “What are other companies doing about this, or that?”  Posing the question on the forum might get you a direct answer and could lead to helpful discussions.  It may take some time for there to be enough membership and involvement there but you have to start somewhere!  Please join us.

Clear Message Initiative is another Linked in group that we are interested in. This group is a companion to a recent rant, er, I mean article, published in Spectrum Magazine.  I contend that we can do better – as a species, but also specifically those of us in U2 where it is uniquely easier to change our messages and to manage strings and variables.  We can joke about it but also we can perhaps share our insights and raise the bar. This is an open group. 

  Follow us on twitter!  PRC_SJPlus

Article and Technical Tips

Click here for the first part of our three-part series on IT Governance around the world: .

Technical tip: Managing branch copies
As you may realize, once you have made changes against a branch copy, you cannot promote your project until the project that has checked out the original item has released it and you have merged your changes into the original. Simply F7-Bump your project that contains the branch copy and PRC will let you know whether the original has been released, If so, it will offer to direct you into the KNIT (split screen compare/edit utility) to merge your changes in to the original.  You can also see the status of the original and launch the merge process at any time by putting your cursor on the branch copy item in the Review Source screen (/SRC) and pressing F6-This Item.


Please join my sessions on IT Governance and visit our table at these upcoming events!
  • U2 University
    • The Four Seasons Hotel - Sydney, Australia  - Feb 22-24, 2011
    • The Crowne Plaza – Birmingham, UK – Mar 22-24, 2011  
  • U2 World
    • The Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Mar 1-3, 2011
  • International Spectrum (additoinal session topics)
    • PGA Resort - West Palm Beach, FL, USA -  April 4-7, 2011 

Release Information

PRC 6.9 has been released with re-vamped SB+ GUI in preparation for conversion to XAML. This continues to be a bridge release for SB/XA and SB+.  If you work in SB GUI mode this is a release you want to consider. 

Manuals & Tip Sheets

There are always new tip-sheets – remember to check / re-download.


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